Windows 10?

Recently Microsoft rolled out the very last OS : Windows 10. But, is it worth to be used?

Compared with Windows 8.1, it added lots of features including face recognition, Microsoft Edge and Cortana. However, as many insiders know, the release was slightly too early.

A lot of changes are made from the initial release of Windows 10 Insider Preview to the final build of it, including UI animations, stability and features.

As mentioned earlier, it was released slightly early. Basically peoples are expecting a bug-free RTM version of OSs, but not for Windows 10. Visible bugs such as the notification icon and full-screen issue of the battery tab at the taskbar was seen in the RTM build.

Improvements such as system restart’s speed was seen compared with Windows 8.1.

The one users are groaning all the way using it was the changes Microsoft made against its Windows Update. Unlike earlier version of Windows, Windows 10 ‘forces’ users to update automatically. To me, its just a burden for me as it eats up my internet bandwidth and time to apply the updates.

If you haven’t hands-on with Windows 10 and would like to try it, you may get your free copy of Windows 10 through the Windows 10 Upgrader which can be found beside your taskbar notifications’ icon. Please be noted that you must have at least Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 installed and have your Windows Updates installed in order to get it. Enterprise version and non-Genuine copy of Windows are not eligible for the offer.


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